Nouvelle version du meilleur émulateur Super Nintendo avec pas mal de nouveautés :

* Much better SPC7110 pack loading code. [Nach]
* Fixed checksum calc on 24Mb SPC7110 ROMs – again. [Nach]
* ROM info now dumped to rominfo.txt on game load. [Nach]
* Fixed path input crashing bug. [Nach]
* Fixed PNG height. [Nach]
* NSRT Header support. [Nach]
* Fix minimize bug [pagefault]
* Add the name of the start address to the error message when mprotect fails. [theoddone33]
* Update config.sub. This allows configuration on 64 bit targets, and requires to be rerun. [theoddone33]
* Using secondary sound buffer in Win32 again. [Nach, ipher]

Télécharger Dualis R20.4 (277,9 Ko)

Télécharger iDeaS v1.0.4.0 (241,0 Ko)

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