Tonton Aaron a posté quelques news sur son site :

Arrrgh. So I spent about half the week trying to rewrite the MIPS recompiler from scratch, and then remembered what an awful lot of work it was. So I went back to the existing one, which works, and decided to start applying most of the optimizations there. The final result won’t be as substantially faster as I would have liked, but I hope I can get a good chunk of the speedups in. So far so good on about half of them, but the most recent one (register allocation of floating point registers and using SSE math throughout) is causing me fits like the off-kilter NFL Blitz image. The games boot now, but their geometry is seriously screwed. Wish me luck in getting things back up and running again. In other news, a San Francisco Rush: The Rock hard drive showed up the other day, and I’ve got it limping along a bit, but there are still some serious issues to solve before it’s ready.

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