Il s’agit d’un programme (gratuit) qui permet de mapper les touches d’un clavier/souris sur une manette à l’instar des autres programmes incontournables tels que Xpadder, Joytokey ou vJoy.
AntiMicro was not been actively maintained since around 2017, the last release is from 2016. Currently, development continues on another fork of this app called AntiMicroX. That version is still supported, it receives new features (like gyroscope support) and bug fixes.
AntiMicro will not be developed anymore discussion link and this repo will be later archived. This release is made to provide notification about the lack of further support and to include other, minor changes made in this code so far.
– Update used libraries (QT, SDL2)
– Add migration note recommending AntiMicroX
– Fix some Compilation errors
– Improve finding SDL2 libraries
– Implement basic CI
– Update Chinese and French translation
– Other minor improvements


Télécharger AntiMicro (x86) v2.23 (22.4 Mo)

Télécharger AntiMicro (x64) v2.24 (31.2 Mo)

Télécharger AntiMicro (no SSE) v2.23 (22.0 Mo)

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