Il s’agit d’un émulateur d’ordinateurs de la série Fujitsu FM-7 (FM-7/FM77AV/FM77AV40). Le but est principalement d’émuler le FM77AV40 et de prendre en charge au minimum le FM77AV.

À l’heure actuelle, il ne peut exécuter que quelques jeux sans son. Par la suite de nouvelles fonctionnalités arriveront bientôt.




  Pause on start.

  Image search path.

-T77|-TAPE t77file.t77
  Set T77 cassette data recorder dump.

  Auto start the first tape program.

  In old days, we were saving programs/data in audio cassette tapes.  I had to press REC
  button before writing, and must release REC button before reading.  If I forgot pressing
  REC and thought I was saving data, it was not saved, and gone as soon as I turned off
  the PC.  If I forgot releasing the REC button before reading, I accidentally erased
  the tape instead of reading from it.  Not to repeat such tragedy, you can specify
  auto-save tape image.  The file does not have to exist.  The program will create it.
  If you don't virtually press REC button in the emulator, or if you write-protect the
  primary tape image, data will be saved to this auto-save image.  You can later mount it
  for reading.

-FD0 filename
  Floppy disk image file name for Drive A.

-FD1 filename
  Floppy disk image file name for Drive B.

  Write protect floppy disk.

  Write un-protect floppy disk.

-GENFD filename.d77 320|640
  Generate an empty disk. Need to specify 320KB disk (2D) or 640KB disk (2DD)
  Specify 400 as size to make 2D disk with 1024-byte per sector, 5 sectors per track.

-DIVD77 filename.d77
  Divides multi-disk D77 file into single-disk D77 files.
  Suffix  _1, _2, _3, ... will be added after each file name.
  Does nothing if the file is already a single-disk image.

  Run VM without adjusting time for the wall-clock time.

-ALIAS aliasLabel filename
  Define file-name alias.  Alias can later be used as a parameter to FDxLOAD, TAPELOAD commands.
  eg. You can use -ALIAS DISKA "full-path-to-game-diskA" to ease disk swap from command.

  Keyboard mode.  DIRECT is good for gaming.  TRANS/TRANS2/TRANS3 is good for typing.

-AUTOSTOP autoStopType
  FM-7 seriew before FM77AV could not detect key-release.  Therefore, game programs
  could start moving a character by a key stroke, but did not know when the key was
  released and should stop.  Therefore, we had to press typically Num-5 top stop a
  character.  In the emulator, this problem can be solved by virtually typing a
  different key when num keys or arrow keys are released.  You can choose from

  Specify which key should virtually be pressed after num keys or arrow keys are

  Specify game-port emulation.  By keyboard (Arrow,Z,X,A,S), or physical gamepad.
  PHYS0,PHYS1,PHYS2,PHYS3 use physical game pad direction button (or hat switch) as up/down/left/right.
  ANA0,ANA1,ANA2,ANA3 use physical game pad analog stick as up/down/left/right.
  KEYMOUSE use arrow keys and ZX keys for mouse cursor and buttons.
  NUMPADMOUSE use NUMPAD number keys and /* keys for mouse cursor and buttons.
  PHYS0MOUSE,PHYS1MOUSE,PHYS2MOUSE,PHYS3MOUSE use physical game pad digital axis for mouse.
  ANA0MOUSE,ANA1MOUSE,ANA2MOUSE,ANA3MOUSE use physical game pad analog axis for mouse.

-BUTTONHOLDTIME0 0|1 time_in_millisec
-BUTTONHOLDTIME1 0|1 time_in_millisec
  In some games, when you click on a menu or a button, you end up selecting the next menu
  or the button that happens to appear in the next options.  Daikoukai Jidai (KOEI)
  is virtually unplayable.  Super Daisenryaku keeps scrolling to the end when you want
  to scroll only by one screen width.  You really had to press the button and release
  immediately.  How patient we were!
  It is due to the bad programming.  When the program reads button state as DOWN, it must
  wait until the state changes to UP before making a next selection.  But, we cannot go
  in to all of the programs and write patches.  Instead, this option let you limit
  maximum time that the button is sent as DOWN to the virtual machine even when
  you keep it down for 100 seconds.

-VIRTKEY townsKey gamePadPhysicalId button
  Assign a virtual key to a gamepad button.

-COM0, -COM1, -COM2, -COM3
  Enable COM port.

  Specify quick screen shot directory.

-HOSTSHORTCUT hostKey ctrl shift "command"
  Assign host short cut key (hot key).

  Specify initial command.

-EVTLOG filename.evt
  Specify event-log file to play back.

  Screen scaling X percent.

  Auto scaleing screen to match the window size.

  Maximize the window on start up

  Fullscreen on start up


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