Le troisième build de Tickle est enfin disponible ! Successeur des projets Pie & Side, il s’agit d’un émulateur Multi-Jeux (18 exactement). Notez qu’il reprend les roms de MAME (Noms/Crcs) ce qui est plus que bien pratique…

Si vous avez bien lu ces lignes vous avez du comprendre qu’il s’agit d’un excellent projet, quelques screenshots sont disponible sur cette page & les nouveaux jeux supporté par la v0.91 ici. D’ailleurs en voici la liste : Amidar, Battle of Atlantis, Crush Roller, Make Trax, Mars, Scramble, The End.

What’s new in version 0.91

I have ported Tickle on Linux using the Qt libraries (KDE). While
this version is far from being perfect it is fully functional
and should work just fine if not stressed too much.

Joystick support has been improved.

Force feedback devices are supported on Windows using DirectX.
At present this feature is experimental and has been added to only
two games: Space Invaders (explosion) and Pinball Action (bump).

Configuration parameters can be specified in the file « tickle.ini ».
See the file itself for a description of the supported options (it
will grow in the future.)

The window title now changes when execution is paused.

The following games have been added:
– Crush Roller
– Make Trax (practically identical to Crush Roller)
– Scramble
– Amidar (on Scramble hardware)
– Mars
– The End
– Battle of Atlantis

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