Il s’agit d’une interface utilisateur simple à utiliser destinée à mupen64plus, gratuite et open source elle est écrite en C++.

– Remove « Controller Is Plugged In » checkbox in RMG-Input
– Remove text from ‘Remove’ button in RMG-Input
– Add « None » input device to RMG-Input (replacing the « Controller Is Plugged In » checkbox)
– Add « Automatic » input device to RMG-Input
– Add support for creating profiles in RMG-Input
– Add icons to ‘Remove’, ‘Refresh’, ‘Reset’ and ‘Options’ buttons in RMG-Input
– Fix ndd/d64 files in zip files not working when the disk file is inside a subdirectory inside the zip file
– Fix ndd/d64 files in zip files not working correctly on windows
– Fix controller image in RMG-Input sometimes being stuck when having a trigger bound to a button
– Fix trigger mapping in RMG-Input
– Remove « Invert Axis Mapped To LRZ » setting in RMG-Input
– Add « Sort Results After Search » ROM Browser setting
NOTE: you might need to re-select your controller in RMG-Input
– Fix taking a screenshot not working in some cases (see mupen64plus/mupen64plus-core#992)
– Fix some games being unable to save due to having an illegal character in the save filename (see mupen64plus/mupen64plus-core#993)
– Fix OSD tab crash in GLideN64 (see gonetz/GLideN64#2752)
– Fix an issue where the graphics plugin would show the 64DD IPL as ROM name in the settings even after booting a cartridge
– Fix « Refresh ROM List » in Hotkeys tab in settings dialog not reverting back to defaults when clicking on ‘restore defaults’
– Fix « Remove Duplicate Keybindings » in settings dialog not behaving correctly in some cases
– Fix fallback application icons not respecting system icon theme on linux
– Add support for ndd/d64 files in zip files
– Add support for using the basename of the ROM filename for covers
– Add support for binding multiple inputs in RMG-Input
– Improve behavior of window when launching RMG with a ROM using the commandline
– Improve behavior of error message when emulation fails
– Improve behavior of hotkey buttons in settings dialog


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