BASINC est une version dérivée de BASin modifiée par Arda Erdikmen. Elle reprend le code source de la version R14 et de petites parties de la version R15.

Les changements sont:

– Added – UDG Editor Window, « Save » file option, CTRL+S, CTRL+O shortcuts, keeps track of open file and notify if there is a pixel modified as * in the title bar.
– Fixed – SimpleCON register couldn’t be displayed as text because it was initialized as 0, now it is spaces.
– Changed-SimpleCON window was popping up in every character output. Now it only pops up when linefeed.
– Fixed – Profile window was showing wrong token in strings. (reported by: lippmaje)
1.79.2 (19.05.2022)
– Added – Basin Update Check (disabled by default, enable in Options)


Télécharger BasinC v1.794 (3.0 Mo)

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