Il s’agit de la dernière version WIP de Meka, excellent émulateur Sega 8 bits. (Builds automatique ici / forum ici).

– Delete compat.txt.orig
– Add missing `*` in compat.txt indicating « Super 12 in 1 Game Gear » is not yet released
– Mapper `#28` MAPPER_GG_Super_12_in_1_FFFE for Super 12 in 1 Game Gear (Unl)
– Fix a typo that crept in due to copy and paste
– Update saves.cpp
– Update mappers.h
– MAPPER_SMS_Korean_MD_FFFA has three mapper registers, not two
– Update .gitignore to ignore Emacs temporary files


Télécharger Meka WIP v0.80.182 (2023/03/20) (2.0 Mo)

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