Quelques infos sur la prochaine version de WinUAE ont été posté, prévu pour dans une a deux semaine(s).

WinUAE 0.8.27 WIP (23.05.2004)

(ETA 1-2 weeks)

Bugs in 0.8.26 fixed:

– JIT-only crash when loading state file or loading new
config on the fly
– crash when loading config and directory or no config
file was selected
– ports-page uninitialized joystick/mouse radio buttons
– ignore files not having .uae-extension when scanning
configuration file directory
– GUI works now with non-96DPI fonts
– possible crash when starting emulator or inserting/ejecting
– JIT compatibility problems with some games (for example
Alien Breed 3D II)
– debugger am-command
– « Priority=2! »-debug dialog

Older bugs fixed:

– centering improved
– hardfile error « tried to seek out of bounds »-message when
hardfile was too small or blocksize was set to zero
– fullscreen D3D/OpenGL-mode ALT-TAB
– fixed forever repeating « …because desktop is too small for
the specified window size.. »
– saving config: always add (if missing) « .uae »-extension to
config file name

New features:

– new rtg.library, 20-30 times faster Picasso96 pixel read
– don’t add contents of zip file to disk history if zip only
contains one supported disk image file
– compatibility fix for buggy programs that access non-existing
memory in CIA address space
– MIDI can be selected without serial port

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