Il s’agit d’un émulateur Multi-systèmes émulant en vrac:
– Amstrad CPC (464 Plus/6128 Plus/GX-4000)
– ZX Spectrum (48k NTSC/Pentagon/TK-90X/TK-95
– MSX-1 (HX-10P/HX-10S/HX-10D)
– Colecovision (PAL/NTSC)
– Sega SG-1000
– Sega Master System (1 + FM Japanesse/1 NTSC/1 PAL/2 NTSC/2 PAL)
– Chips (Texas Instruments TMS9918/Sega Master System VDP/Texas Instruments SN76489 (PSG)/Yamaha YM2413/Western Digital FD1793/Amstrad ASIC)


Les changements:
– Adjusted the playback speed of the cassette on the MSX, ZX 128k, and all Microdigital computers, which was 2% faster than normal (yes, I have users with very keen ears 😉 )
– Removed the annoying debug screen in Windows
– Some adjust to the Microdigital ULA contention (Not perfect yet)
– Fix HDF file support
– Fixed the category image for the Microdigital Machines
– Fix RVM Hangs when no space left in the explorer window of a cpm disc.
– Fix the timing of the out and in opcodes in the z80 (was incorrect in all the v2.1.x releases)
– Fix some artwork


Télécharger Retro Virtual Machine (x86) v2.0 beta 1 r7 (62.0 Mo)

Télécharger Retro Virtual Machine (x64) v2.1.6 (88.2 Mo)

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