Clements est un grand fan de PJ64, il nous propose une nouvelle update a appliquer au projet PJ64 SP1 :

Version 2.0 Released!

Includes my language file
Edited the manifest file to say Project64

Edit 2:

Fix version 2.0a

Extended Pilotwings broken note to all regions
Changed Nagano core note to ‘use the [o1] rom’

Edit 3:

Fix Version 2.0b

RDB 1.5.1c

Changed Nagano core note to (see GameFAQ)


added note about using [o1] rom

Edit 4:

Updated Version 2.0c

This version contains fairly major updates to the GameFAQ.

Included some Japanese names to the games if different
Now says Project64 GameFAQ instead of welcome
Fixed other names up
Some games had n/a randomly in there, got rid of that

Edit 5:

Updated Version 2.0d

En savoir plus…