On l’attendait pour hier, avec le décalage horraire le voila ce matin. Le nouveau 1964 est en effet disponible. Voici les nombreuses nouveautées :

Emu Core :

1. Game save fixes. All native saves will be saved to file when the native save happens, no longer at the end of the game. This will prevent game saves from being lost if emulator crashes
2. Supports copyright protected games Toy Story 2 and A Bug’s Life 3. Supports ExciteBike64
4. Bug fix: Cannot load savestate, ITLB error
5. Bug fix: Audio disappears when loading a state
6. EEPROM now using formal name as 4KB, 16KB instead of 2KB, 4KB 7. VI timing fixes

Cheat Codes Related :

1. 1964 emu core fully supports all gameshark codes, just like real gameshark pak
2. Bug fix: Cheat code country code

Plugins :

1. Zilmar RSP LLE plugin integration, please copy Zilmar’s RSP LLE plugin to 1964’s plugin directory in order to use it.
2. JPEG decompression via RSP LLE plugin
3. Supports Jabo’s DirectSound pluign by using Zilmar RSP LLE plugin
4. Ready to support futher Netplay plugin


1. Command line argument support and optional file extension association via Windows Explorer
1964 [-f] [-v video_plugin_filename] [-a audio_plugin_filename] [-c controller_plugin_filename] [-r directory] [-g rom_full_filename]
2. Bug fix: Statusbar flickers in full screen
3. Bug fix: GUI window coorodinates keep increasing after 1964 is closed
4. Bug fix: Game sorting in rom browser
5. Right-clicking on rom list header brings up popup menu
6. User can choose game name to display in the rom browser (internal game name, alternative game name or game filename)
7. More rom info columns are supported in rom list, right click on list header to select columns
8. Screen saver disabled if game is playing
9. Mouse pointer disabled in full screen mode

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