Cet émulateur est également le plus complet des outils de développements X68000 existant aujourd’hui. Il s’agit d’un fork de l’émulateur XM6 v2.05 de PI avec une pléthore de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Les changements sont pour la plupart liés à l’interface utilisateur et un accent a été mis sur le développement et les fonctions de débogage plutôt que sur l’exactitude de l’émulation, cependant il y a suffisamment d’améliorations pour qu’il soit recommandé d’utiliser cette version plutôt que XM6 v2.06 finale.

Les changements:
(This document formerly contained a list of bugs / deficiencies at the bottom,
but it wasn’t very useful and rarely changed. The two remaining items were
moved to the manual instead.)

You can now use Alt-F5 to save state temporarily, and Alt-F8 to reload it.
This state « file » is kept entirely in memory and is therefore lost when
the program ends. This feature is useful when you want to save and reload
state without leaving behind a file that you don’t intend to keep. It does
not interfere with the usual state file apparatus (Alt-S, Alt-L, etc).

When you use the Save As command to create a state file, the VM state is now
saved as soon as the command is invoked. (Previously it would wait until the
file dialog ended, but this could end up being several seconds later and the
VM thread continues running while dialogs are in progress.) This improvement
is accomplished by saving the state to RAM and then writing it out after you
enter the state file name. If the dialog is canceled, nothing is written.

(Although the two features mentioned above are accomplished the same way,
they do not interfere with each other.)

Save As now permits saving compressed files (*.XM6.XZ). This is intended for
situations where you only intend to create a single state file but still want
the benefits of LZMA compression. The Save command now also recompresses when
saving over a file with the appropriate double extension. Be aware that the
MBCS edition is unable to save compressed state files, due to its requirement
to produce state files that are (mostly) compatible with the original XM6.

Bug fixes:
The key translation for American keyboards was improved to reduce inadvertent
input when releasing the Shift key. For example, typing : sometimes produced
:; on the VM side. This problem still occurs for certain combinations when
the little-used kana mode is active (refer to the entry for Release 26).


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