YAPE (Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator) est un excellent émulateur Commodore C16/plus4 tournant sous Windows XP à 11. Cette version utilise la bibliothèque SDL.

– SID (card) paddle support
– Optimized (unrolled) SID emulation core
– Added native un-ZIP support (via Minizip)
– Support for loading compressed TAP files
– Minor CPU regression for SHY fixed
– More robust error handling on startup in Emscripten builds
– Fixed transmitting of last byte after an EOI in IEC mode

Commodore plus/4 mode
– Implement Hannes 256 kb memory expansions
– ROM banking fix
– Unmapped memory read fix

Commodore 64 mode
– Somewhat improved VICII core (sprite, badline)
– Implement REU (256/512 kB)

UI changes
– Snapshot save menu item added
– Added menu item for attaching ROM images
– Added distinct soft reset and hard reset
– Fixed tape play/stop in the menu
– Better menu navigation with game controllers
– Lock Fn keys when run in a browser
– Fixed loading files of a relative path from the command line
External monitor improvements
– compare memory with command ‘C’
– potential deadlock fixed on certain unices but there are still known issues with the monitor not functioning properly there


Télécharger Yape/SDL (x86) v0.71.2 (1.1 Mo)

Télécharger Yape/SDL (x64) v0.71.2 (1.0 Mo)

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