Un émulateur de Rolant MT-32.


Les changements sont les suivants:
Notable changes since 2.6.2:


– Added support for MT-32 control ROM v.2.03. (#92)
– Provided two new functions for retrieving names of all standard timbres and their
« sound groups ». These also make it easier to retrieve names of custom timbres. (#91)



– Updated mt32emu library to version 2.7.0.
– Updated for compatibility with the Qt framework versions 6.0 and above.
– Added possibility to view timbre banks and select a desired instrument on each voice part.
The timbres are shown in a popup menu split by their « sound groups » which is displayed
when the user clicks on the instrument name set on the related part in the Channel Status
pane. (#70)
– Added submenu « Play Demo Songs » to the « Tools » menu. When a Synth profile exists that
refers to one of the new-gen MT-32 ROMs, the list of demo songs contained within is shown,
yet a few of special items to facilitate playback control. (#84)
– Fixed a few problems with management of the Floating Display on multi-screen systems.
When the application is restarted, the position of the floating window should now be
restored on the same screen where it was previously. Also, the window geometry is now
adjusted to fit into the screen when the display it is show on is switched off, and each
time the floating window shows up. (#94)
– Extended the command-line interface to provide for opening one or more MIDI port(s)
at startup. The command « connect_midi » can be used to create ports using the system MIDI
driver. By using the options « jack_midi_clients » and « jack_sync_clients », JACK MIDI ports
can be created as long as the JACK support is compiled in. (#95)



– Updated mt32emu library to version 2.7.0.


Nous recommandons d’utiliser VirtualMIDISynth pour faire office de switch midi / midi mapper (choisir le output midi en VirtualMIDISynth lui même ou MT-32 Synth Emulator).
Fonctionne également à merveille avec la Version spéciale Daum Dos box qui supporte Munt. Fonctionne très bien avec Hoot! Media player classic notamment avec le playback des fichiers .mid!
Les résultats sont à des années lumière de tout ce que VirtualMIDISynth peut accomplir avec une banque soundfont MT-32.
Bonus! ROM nécessaire au bon fonctionnement de Munt: ici ou .


Télécharger Munt (x86/x64) v2.7.0 (23.9 Mo)

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