Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur NES qui fait également office de base de données:

– Fixed CPU and various mapper bugs that make many more games playable/completely playable, most notably Dragon Warrior, Zelda 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3
– Improved sound emulation quality; now it is much more clear-sounding
– Added PAL emulation support
– Added support for following iNES mappers:
> 16 (Bandai)
> 18 (Jaleco SS8806)
> 19 (Namcot 106, partial)
> 24 (Konami VRC6)
> 32 (Irem G-101)
> 33 (Taito TC0190)
> 34 (Nina-1)
> 64 (Tengen RAMBO-1, partial)
> 65 (Irem H-3001)
> 69 (Sunsoft FME-7)
> 71 (Camerica)
> 78 (Irem 74HC161/32)
– Added Konami VRC6 expansion sound chip emulation
– Added Top 10 players category to hall of fame – you can now submit your name when you upload your stats and see if you make the hall of fame for top UberNES players
– Many/all Japanese and European games are now recognized by the internal database
– Added more box descriptions and made various improvements to internal database
– GUI is now more extensively multi-threaded for better responsiveness

Télécharger GCC v3.2.2 v0.63 à v0.89 (6.4 Mo)

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