Egalement une nouvelle version pour cet émulateur d’Atari vcs 5200 / atari 800 .
En voici les nouveautés:

– Fixed broken gadgets when the scrollwheel was used.
– Fixed ANTIC instruction fetch for disabled DMACtrl. This fixes one
wierd demo.
– Added a monitor stack traceback command.
– Fixed cycle allocation for pre/post VBI gap of the ANTIC display list.
– Fixed parsing of memory extensions.
– Fixed a valgrind hit in the CartROM initialization.
– Made patch-device support (P:,H:,D:) a bit safer by testing for
valid IOCBs.
– Fixed x11 truecolor buffering that sometimes forgot to offer an RGB
frame buffer.
– Fixed handling of non-ASCII keyboard events (e.g. german umlauts) that
were not properly ignored before.
– Fixed length of VBI, the Antic emulation stole nine cycles too many
for out-of-display length.
– Fixed GTIA/CTIA detection and output of undefined registers for GTIA.
– Added a new sound front-end, namely DirectX sound support for the
win32 platform. Audio output is much smoother now.
– Fixed MMU emulation for XE-style extended RAM disks.

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