Une nouvelle version de Raine vient de voir le jour, voici les améliorations:

– gameinfo does not crash anymore !
– SCI and few other games which used the 2610b sound emulation do not crash anymore neither
– Fixed some more default eeproms for taito f3 games
– Elevator action 2, dariusg and dariusgx were patched so that they start faster and automatically reset when needed (when you exit service mode, or when the eeprom is regenerated).
– Elevator action 2 can now be run in 16bpp
– Removed more debug messages from bakraid (!)
– Mustang is not a clone of raiden, sorry !

Télécharger Raine (Dos) v0.91.9 (2.9 Mo)

Télécharger Raine (32 bits) v0.95.5e (10.7 Mo)

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