Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Sinclair ZX Spectrum dont voici les nouveautés:

– Fixed the corrupted titlebars and resource leak in windows98.
– Marko fixed a bug in the debugger not clearing breakpoints properly.
– Fixed a mouse capture bug in the titlebar buttons and a few related issues.
– Added a small change to the QuickBASIC – selects appropriate hardware now.
– Marko sorted a small glitch in the sound synch code, (which was only apparent
on his machine) which has now resulted in the appearance of a « latency »
slider in the sound options. You can use this instead of frameskip (if you’re
absolutely sure your machine can do 50fps) to sort out any sound synch
problems. Hopefully.
– Fixed bugs in the assembler editor: line numbers now update properly and
dragging the selection out of the window no longer produces an error.
– Dunny added user-definable keys to the joystick options, so you can select
which PC keys to use for joystick control. Note that most PC keyboards have
limitations on which keys you can press at the same time. If you find that a
certain combination of simultaneous keypresses doesn’t work, THIS IS NOT A
BUG IN SPIN – it’s your keyboard.
– Reenabled the « define keys » option for PC joysticks (it had no effect in
– SPIN now prompts for a filename and directory when the user selects « Create
New » in the « Insert Disk » dialog.
– Added « 8-Bit Stretch » to the video options – this only works in GDI mode and
can result in faster rendering on some systems but on others shows no speed
increase (it may even slow them down). Try it if you get slow frame rates in
GDI mode.
– If SPIN’s configuration file specifies DirectDraw and DirectDraw fails to
initialise, SPIN will now switch to GDI mode instead of crashing.
– Fixed symbol key mapping in international keyboard layouts.

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