WinUAE, l’ultime émulateur amiga vient d’être mit à jours dans sa version 0.8.21 release 4, voici les améliorations:

– EXPERIMENTAL: added configurable input device (mouse, joystick, keyboard) support
– EXPERIMENTAL: added OpenGL mode (for best results set lores and disable line-doubling)
– printer support fixed (Bernd Roesch)
– MIDI updates (Bernd Roesch, Alfred J. Faust)
– custom chipset updates (Superfrog,Exile,Apocalypse,Rainbow Islands,Torvak the Warrior etc..)
– CPU idle patch (no more 100% CPU usage)
– HOME + F5 opens state restore dialog and SHIFT + HOME + F5 opens state save dialog
– vsync updates (50/60/100/120 frequencies are now always selectable. Useful for Powerstrip users)
– AVIoutput improvements (can be started later, stops when re-entering GUI)
– Picasso96 updates. Mouse trails are now 100% fixed (Bernd Roesch)
– refresh rate selection only affects Amiga display modes, Picasso96 always use default refresh rate
– « 16-bit mode detect » crash fixed
– removed useless 8/16-bit sound selection. Sound output is now always 16-bit
– sound lag compensation slider reimplemented. (if you have bad sound, move slider left until sound gets better)
– build-in gzip and zip support (autoselects first adf-image or Amiga executable if zip contains multiple files)
– executable to adf support, just « insert » Amiga executable in to floppy drive
– improved external decompression support (xdms.exe)
– configuration save option is now available even after emulation has been started
– HD floppy image support in disk-tab

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