Nouvelle pré-version de cet émulateur Spectrum 48, 128, 128+2, 128+2A/+3 et Pentagon pour windows (95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP). En voici les nouveautés:

[-] 256 colors mode not worked – fixed.
[-] Working in windowed mode when desktop is set to 256 colors fixed.
[-] Working under Windows 9x was failing – fixed.
[-] Starting in system without sound card installed was failing – fixed.
[-] In the Debugger, command Run To End Of Frame – fixed for non-multicolor modes.
[-] When Record and Save Sound dialog cancelled, no more ambigous dialog appear.
[+] Special SmoothTiming.dll added, which provides more smooth drawing.
[+] New function (menu Tools) added: Enter Poke(s) and also capabilities to save pokes as .POK-file and to edit pokes as text (from Pokes dialog). Keyboard, Map Builder and Pokes moved to the Tools menu (from the View menu).

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