86Box (anciennement nommé PCem Unofficial, PCem Experimental ou PCem-X) est une branche non officielle de l’émulateur PCem, qui vise à émuler des machines compatibles IBM de la période 1981-2000. Cette branche ajoute plusieurs cartes mères émulées. (site de développement de l’auteur)
Cet émulateur peut également fonctionner avec cette interface ou celle-ci qui lui sont dédiée.

Les changements en détails sont visibles ici.
– Port DECchip 21143 « Tulip » NIC emulation from QEMU by @Cacodemon345 in #3504
– net_tulip.c: Copyright header by @Cacodemon345 in #3505
– net_eeprom_nmc93cxx.c: Proper logging by @Cacodemon345 in #3508
– Port Realtek RTL8139C+ emulation from QEMU by @Cacodemon345 in #3509
– Add DECchip 24110 NIC emulation by @Cacodemon345 in #3516
– Fix 4.1 build issues and do some linting by @jriwanek in #3526
– Add OPL4-ML daughterboard emulation by @Cacodemon345 in #2899
– Add Dell Dimension XPS Pxxx (OEM version of Intel Premiere PCI/II) by @pankoza2-pl in #3541
– Add Micronics Thunderbolt (PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Rel 6.0 for 430TX) by @luennix in #3598
– Add Gateway 2000 OEM Version of Intel VS440FX by @pankoza2-pl in #3685
– Fixes and GHA for SDL UI by @jriwanek in #3763
– net_pcap: use standard unsigned type names by @goshhhy in #3762
– S3 fixes: by @TC1995 in #3764
– Small Mach32/SVGA font mapping fix. by @TC1995 in #3766
– [Qt] Made fixes to Japanese and Simp. Chinese translations by @EmpyreusX in #3769
– Update translation by @kzmidze in #3770
– Mach64 (both GX and VT2) 24bpp mono pattern fix placed in. by @TC1995 in #3772
– SCSI CD-ROM fixes (NEC): by @TC1995 in #3781
– Trident TGUI9440/96×0 Bresenham update: by @TC1995 in #3782
– Fix speeds other than RAM disk not being selectable for SCSI or ATAPI HDDs by @lemondrops in #3787
– S3 accel command fixes: by @TC1995 in #3793
– add machine Hyundai Super 286C by @goshhhy in #3789
– More S3 blitting fixes: by @TC1995 in #3795
– Update languages by @kzmidze in #3796
– Named initializers for FPUs, and 8088 through 80286 by @jriwanek in #3800
– [v4.1] Report correct cache info in CPUID on P6-family CPUs by @lemondrops in #3801
– Misc 4.1 updates by @jriwanek in #3802
– [v4.1] Further adjustment to the CPUID cache stuff by @lemondrops in #3804
– Add the Page Global Enable flag to the Cyrix III by @lemondrops in #3807
– add cpl_override in pmodeiret() when cpu_state.flags has NT_FLAG by @jgilje in #3811
– qt: Add fullscreen status icons support and option by @Cacodemon345 in #2129
– More and more video changes and fixes (8514/A and compatibles): by @TC1995 in #3814
– Forgot to apply the correction to the ATI 68860 ramdac, should clear the compile warnings by @TC1995 in #3816
– Fix ATAPI HDDs not being displayed in the status bar by @lemondrops in #3819
– Update qt_mainwindow.cpp by @maximus105 in #3821
– Merge Version/4.1 into master since we have decided to just go straight for 4.1 by @OBattler in #3823
– Consistency cleanups and warning fixes by @lemondrops in #3832
– (S)VGA paletted renderer rewrite by @iamgreaser in #3839
– 8-bit renderer fix about the Tseng cards: by @TC1995 in #3841
– update WM_CLASS instance name from vm_name by @jgilje in #3842
– (S)VGA updates and fixes, 2023-11-22 edition by @iamgreaser in #3844
– Implement 4bpp graphics mode blink properly on VGA by @iamgreaser in #3845
– DEC/Tulip/Intel 21140/21143 fixes: by @TC1995 in #3847
– Handle SVGA 8bit RAMDAC for Voodoo Banshee cards by @iamgreaser in #3848
– Rework and optimise the (S)VGA pixel renderer by @iamgreaser in #3859
– Cirrus, ATI Mach8/32 and XGA fixes. by @TC1995 in #3861
– Update Github Actions to macos 12 by @jriwanek in #3866
– Fix codeql runs by @jriwanek in #3874
– Mach8/32 fixes (again): by @TC1995 in #3882
– Several fixes to compile with logging enabled by @jriwanek in #3883
– Fix the initialization of the color cursor regs (ATI Mach32) by @TC1995 in #3884
– More compile fixes with logging turned on by @jriwanek in #3887
– Split GHA scripts into seperate files by @jriwanek in #3888
– SCSI CD-ROM Toshiba fixes. by @TC1995 in #3889
– Undev branch the Matrox Millennium since it is now mostly usable. by @TC1995 in #3890
– Correct undevbranching of the Matrox Millenium by @jriwanek in #3891
– Fixed warning in vid_mga.c. by @TC1995 in #3892
– Disable blink in 8bpp modes on MGA; Re-instate main 8bpp hires renderer by @iamgreaser in #3893
– MGA Fixes: by @TC1995 in #3895
– Warning fixes by @jriwanek in #3896
– More MGA fixes. by @TC1995 in #3897
– MGA fixes 2: by @TC1995 in #3901
– S3 wraparound fix. by @TC1995 in #3902
– Matrox Mystique: Bus-mastering fixes by @Cacodemon345 in #3903
– ESC/P: make the dot matrix font optional by @lemondrops in #3904
– ATI EGA Wonder 800+ and 18800 refactoring: by @TC1995 in #3905
– Matrox Mystique: Make it work under Windows NT 4.0 for real by @Cacodemon345 in #3908
– Report correct S3 Trio64V2/DX revision ID by @iamgreaser in #3906
– Matrox Mystique: Attempt fixing 3D busmastered drawing by @Cacodemon345 in #3909
– More MGA fixes. by @TC1995 in #3910
– ATI EGA Wonder 800+ fixes. by @TC1995 in #3911
– Mystique: SOFTRAP register writes correctly reset the primary DMA channel by @Cacodemon345 in #3912
– MGA: More Mystique busmastering fixes by @Cacodemon345 in #3914
– Qt: Application icon fixes by @lemondrops in #3915
– Fix M3D programs by @Cacodemon345 in #3916
– Matrox Mystique: Force window resizing by @Cacodemon345 in #3918
– Fix Debian Woody’s matroxfb’s test again. by @TC1995 in #3919
– MGA: Don’t reset screen size every recalctimings by @Cacodemon345 in #3920
– mystique_line_compare: Re-enable line compare behaviour by @Cacodemon345 in #3921
– EGA PEL fix. by @TC1995 in #3923
– ATI Mach8/32 fixes regarding 1992 ATI Ultra drivers for Windows 3.1x: by @TC1995 in #3924
– Matrox Mystique: Fix display flickering issues for real by @Cacodemon345 in #3925
– MGA flicker fixes. by @TC1995 in #3926
– MGA: Implement gamma correction for 24+ bpp modes by @Cacodemon345 in #3928
– Un-dev matrox mystique by @jriwanek in #3927
– MGA: Gamma-correct hardware cursor by @Cacodemon345 in #3929
– Mystique: Fix flickering display on Direct3D by @Cacodemon345 in #3932
– Mystique: Don’t do busmastering until SOFTRAP status is read by @Cacodemon345 in #3934
– MGA: Implement gamma-correction for inf or equal 16 bpp modes by @Cacodemon345 in #3935
– ESC/P: Support the new dot matrix font + other improvements by @lemondrops in #3936
– Restore correct CGA compatible mode behavior in (S)VGA. by @TC1995 in #3943
– MGA: Make sure dxdiag on D3D 9.0b doesn’t crash the emulator by @Cacodemon345 in #3944
– More ATI changes plus one IBM 8514/A fix: by @TC1995 in #3947
– More ATI accel fixes and undocumented stuff. by @TC1995 in #3953
– Joystick: Fix emulated POV hat configuration by @lemondrops in #3954
– MGA: Add Matrox Millennium II video adapter by @Cacodemon345

Un ensemble de programmes et bios est disponible ici.

Télécharger 86Box (x86) v4.1.1 build 5634 (30.7 Mo)

Télécharger 86Box (x64) v4.1.1 build 5634 (30.2 Mo)

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