Il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Amstrad CPC multi plateforme.


Les changements sont:
– breakpoints configuration now more in configuration menu but from breakpoints window
– no more Reset with F12 from trace (use HUD or CTRL-F9 like outside trace)
– new plugin MultiPlay MX4 (only mouse support on port A)
– new Interrupt break
– new command line option to open any window at any position (run with -h for detail)
– now can save media from trace via F4
– Interrupt routines highlighted on screen (Winape like, see misc options)
– FDC multi-tracks and multi-head features support
– FDC permissive timings reduced (some productions need at least a timeout)
– now there is only 3 directories for media, export or private data
– bigger work interval for vHold/hHold in Monitor settings
– Basic Explorer display proper real values with negative exponent
– save/restore Disassembling, RAM/ROM and Graphics Explorer windows positions
– bugfix FDC ET0 on unformatted track
– bugfix Gotek drive forced rotation


Télécharger ACE-DL (2024/04/19) (6.0 Mo)

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