Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Sega 8 bits écrit en C++ par Ignacio Sanchez.
Il émule les machines suivantes:
– Sega Mark III
– Sega Master System
– Sega Game Gear
– Sega Game 1000 (SG-1000)
– Othello Multivision

Voici donc les changements:

– Fixed bug where when resetting, the first opcode would not be disassembled. by @samizzo in #50
– Added a generalised shortcut system so any gui events can have a shortcut key defined in the config.ini by @samizzo in #52
– add retrofw target by @Poligraf in #55
– Fix window title flicker by @clbr in #74
– Define install and uninstall targets by @TomChapple in #94
– Update NFDe implementation to v1.1.1 by @TomChapple in #96

Le binaire 32 bits est compilé par Lo v2.


Télécharger GearSystem (32 bits) v3.1.0 (13.5 Mo)

Télécharger GearSystem (64 bits) v3.5 (1.4 Mo)

Site Officiel

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