Gearcoleco est un émulateur ColecoVision multiplateforme très précis écrit en C++ qui fonctionne sous Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD, Raspberry Pi et RetroArch.


Les changements:
– Support for Super Game Module (SGM) and AY8910 sound chip
– Support for Super Action Controller (SAC), Wheel Controller and Roller Controller
– Support for MegaCart
– Support for Activision cart
– Improved input keypad accuracy
– Native file dialogs
– Drag and drop rom files to open
– Debugger improvements
– Custom folders for saves and savestates
– Scaling improvements like fit to window size or fit to window height
– Hide cursor when hovering output window or when main menu is disabled
– Load symbol files from command line
– Support for WLA symbol files
– Improve input response time
– Save screenshots
– Support for WSL
– Automatic builds in GitHub Actions
– Several bug fixes
– add retrofw target by @Poligraf in #12
– add Miyoo target by @salvacam in #17
– libretro: Refactor the input handling method to keep track of current… by @msheehan79 in #28
– libretro: Add no sprite limit core option by @msheehan79 in #30


Télécharger GearColeco v1.1.0 (1.4 Mo)

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