Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de GBA payant devenu gratuit -_-
En voici les améliorations:

– webpage: new freeware page, new email.htm page, changed various details
– help: changed some stuff in readme.txt (mainly related to new freeware users)
– nocashio: uninstall function in utility menu (results okay,nothing-to-do,fail)
– nocashio: fixed incorrect SC_MANAGER_ALL_ACCESS and SERVICE_ALL_ACCESS values
– cartloader: removed no$gmb-mbc/rom/ramsize-relicts in cartridge header warning
– dos: bugfix: diskgetdirplain_withdrv gets « d: » plus fpathlen- chars path
– freeware: windows version screenshot to clipboard, dos version xboo & err stat
– debug: demangler displays mangled c++ labels (profiler tree & alt+l only yet)
– profiler: fixed crash on add_machine (profiler alloc killed multiplayer alloc)
– freeware: added previously missing xboo port/delay options in freeware setup
– vram viewer: fixed crash in OAM screen (happened on « prohibited » obj shape)

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