Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur d’Atari 2600 dont voici les améliorations:

* Codebase ported to SDL. The DOS and X11 ports have been discontinued.
* Sound code ported to SDL. For the Linux versions, ALSA and OSS sound
support has been discontinued.
* The Linux, MacOSX and Windows ports are now based on the same codebase
and are actively maintained. That means simultaneous (and hopefully more
frequent) releases.
* A new Windows port has been created, with the GUI based on StellaX.
This is the first new release for Windows since Stella 1.2.
(software mode is not yet optimized; OpenGL mode works much better)
* A new Mac OSX port has been created by Mark Grebe. This is the first new
release for Mac OSX since Stella 1.2.
* Added OpenGL rendering support.
* Added more refined in-game GUI.
* Added event remapping. Emulation keys can now be remapped to the keyboard
or up to 4 joysticks.
* Added native Stelladaptor support. Joysticks, paddles, and driving
controllers have been tested.
* Digital sound support (used in games like Quadrun and Pitfall2) has been
greatly improved. Sound generation is now more tightly synchronized with
video updates.
* Added support for switchable palettes. Currently you can switch between
the current Stella palette, original Stella palette (pre-1.2 versions),
and the z26 palette.
* Added support for UA Limited style bankswitching (Funky Fish and Pleiades).
* Switched to using high compatibility M6502 mode by default. This means
old state saves from previous Stella versions will no longer work.
* The meaning of the « -sound » command line option has been changed. This
option now accepts either ‘true’ or ‘false (1 or 0) to enable/disable
* Changed sound mixer functionality. The system volume/mixer settings will
never be changed; volume changes in Stella will only affect the
emulation itself.
* Added « -video » command line option. This option accepts either ‘soft’ or
‘gl’, to use software/OpenGL rendering.
* Added « -gl_filter » command line option. This option accepts either
‘nearest’ or ‘linear’, to use GL_NEAREST or GL_LINEAR filtering.
* Added « -gl_aspect » command line option. This option accepts a decimal
value specifying how much to scale the width of the emulation image
(useful for giving an authentic ‘square-looking’ 4:3 mode).
* Added « -gl_fsmax » command line option. This option accepts either
‘true’ or ‘false, and specifies to use the maximum possible resolution
when in fullscreen OpenGL mode (useful for Linux and for Windows on
* Added « -fragsize » command line option. This option accepts the size to
use for sound fragments. Linux/MacOSX works well with 512, Windows seems
to need 2048. This value must be a power of two.
* Modified « -volume » command line option. If you specify ‘-1’, Stella will
use the system volume.
* Renamed the « -pro » command line option to « -altpro ».
* Renamed the « -fps » command line option to « -framerate ».
* Removed the « -center » command line option. Stella now automatically
centers the window when possible.
* Removed the « -paddle real » command line option, since it never really
worked correctly (and Stelladaptor support adds that functionality
* Removed all command line options relating to the X11 port
(owncmap, display).

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