Lime est l’émulateur Nintendo 3DS open source basé intégralement sur Citra dont il poursuit le développement.


Il est écrit en C++ dans un souci de portabilité et les versions sont activement maintenues pour Windows, Linux, Android et macOS.

Les changements depuis Citra:
Thanks for all the support gathered throughout these last weeks and the contributions from devs, we’ve been able to complete our first alpha, even though it isn’t much, we’re happy that it is here in all of it’s glory!
– GSP_GPU: Fix pokemon, mario & luigi games. by @Gamer64ytb in #25
– Update icons and strings by @ShyVortex in #1
– Revert « Update icons and strings » by @ryzendew in #2
– Fixed the licenses.txt location file in the readme by @Reelix in #3
– Trying to fix linux builds by @ryzendew in #5
– Audio & GPU fixes by @KyloRen97 in #4
– Fixes to Actions by @Polarzincomfrio in #8
– Update Discord RPC to use ‘Lime’ instead of ‘Citra’ by @BlurrySquire in #10
– Update on by @Polarzincomfrio in #9
– Update icons (mostly) by @BlurrySquire in #11
– Resize icon max size to 256×256 (hopefully fixes small icons problem) by @BlurrySquire in #12
– Icon change again. by @BlurrySquire in #13
– Fix problems with icons. Finish updating icons to new variant. by @BlurrySquire in #14
– Updated most of the UI elements! by @BlurrySquire in #15
– Fix clang by @BlurrySquire in #17
– Removal of transifex.yml by @Polarzincomfrio in #18
– Various build fixes for GCC and Clang by @rtiangha in #19
– Upgrade to Node 20 / Changed the name of the build folders to lime instead of citra by @Polarzincomfrio in #20


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