Sudachi est un émulateur Nintendo Switch pour Android, Linux, macOS et Windows écrit en C++ et basé sur Yuzu.


Les changement depuis Yuzu sont les suivants:

– Rebranded to Sudachi (RIP Yoozoo) and updated some more dependencies
– Hotfix memory leaks etc
– Cleaned project up a bit, 30th commit yet for this?
– Forgot to stage these, 31 it is
– Added support for Princess Peach: Showtime!
– android: updated to latest dependencies again and fixed more deprecations
– Update issue templates
– Updated to latest EA (thanks Discord peeps), fixed compilation issues
– Removed workflow files and hook
– Fixed a couple memory leaks using up ~15 MB each iteration and initiazed
– Updated FFmpeg per dev comment, reupdated-dependencies and initialize


Télécharger Sudachi r240411 (80.9 Mo)

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