Emu80 est un émulateur de plateformes « Radio-86RK », « Partner », « Apogee », « Mikrosha », « specialist », « Orion », « Micro-80 », « UT-88 » pour Windows.

Merci à Breaker pour la news.
[+] Added a new configuration for the PC « Electronics KR-03 »
[+] Command line options have been completely redesigned, the old syntax is retained for compatibility
[*] Palmyra: CP/M with an example disk image has been added to the SD card image
[*] RK-86: the RK disk image included in the emulator has been replaced with a more complete one
[*] Vector: fixed border display in high resolution mode
[*] Orion: third BB55 added
[*] Orion DSDOS: the DSDOS version included in the emulator has been updated to 3.95
[*] Orion DSDOS: memory expanded to 512 KB
[*] Orion DSDOS: improvements and fixes in drive emulation
[*] Orion DSDOS: support for extended ROM drive controlled by FE port
[*] Orion DSDOS: hard drive support on the third BB55
[*] Orion DSDOS: the emulator includes an archive with an empty hard disk image. Unpack before use!
[*] KR-04: BP key assigned to PC Menu key
[*] KR-04: updated to the latest SD BIOS version
[*] Corvette: displaying the currently displayed scan line in the emulator
[*] Corvette: screen emulation fixes
[*] Corvette: emulation of the second timer channel with the horizontal screen frequency at the input (not fully debugged)
[*] Improved BB55 emulation
[*] Improved ATA (IDE) interface emulation
[*] Added emulation of GMD formatting. Currently tested on Orion and PC8000.
[-] Orion: fixed clock frequency
[-] Corvette: fixed bug with using the entire amount of graphics RAM and working with the RAM disk
[-] Corvette: bug fixed – color mode could not be switched from the menu
[-] Palmyra: fixed register of files in the emulated SD card directory (SD card emulation did not work on systems other than Windows)
[-] Fixed a bug where sometimes switching the assignment of the F5/F9 keys in the debugger did not work
[-] Fixed an error when building with GCC 13
[-] Fixed an error when building the Lite version
[-] Other minor fixes and improvements
Among the important changes are completely redesigned command line options. The most important options:
–platform – launch in the specified platform mode
–run – launch the specified file
–disk-a | –hdd | –edd – mount the specified disk image

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