Hatari est un émulateur Atari ST, STE, TT et Falcon tournant sous Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac OS X et bien d’autres systèmes supportant la bibliothèque SDL.
– Improved 68000 cycle accuracy (IPL, STOP, TRACE), IACK timings
– Better support for MMU/generic CPU mode using autovectored interrupt
– Some fixes for specific MOVEM cases with 68040/60
– Fix stacked PC for branch/jump instructions doing a bus error
– Add host received data interrupt for DSP
– Add support for 4 pixel hardscroll on STF by stopping shifter (new technique by Troed/Sync)
– Full support for SCC 85C30 for MegaSTE, TT and Falcon (serial ports and LAN)
– STE joypad emulation now supports analog / paddle input, too
– Fix for IPF/CTR where caps library incorrectly reset Track Register
– IDE : fixed emulation of the HOB (High Order Byte) of the last LBA48 value and limit LBA28 capacity announcement to 2^28-1
– Falcon : fixes values for SNDINT/SOUNDINT signal used by DMA sound for correct interrupts on start of frame / end of frame
– Falcon : preliminary support for vertical refresh rates (50,60 or 71 Hz) based on Videl
– Support for more language in EmuTOS and some country code fixes
– Several Gemdos HD changes to better match TOS behaviour
– Support for screenshot using .NEO or .XIMG format
– Suppress repeats of identical log & trace messages by default
– Debugger improvementes : symbols handling (MINT+ELF, demangled C++/a.out), weak symbols, duplicate addresses, break on Line-A and Line-F exceptions, « echo » command, …
– Several disassembler changes : support longer symbol names, flags to changes output formatting, optional support for capstone library
– Some fixes to the SDL UI : mouse position, scrollbar



Télécharger Hatari (x86) v2.5.0 (5.7 Mo)

Télécharger Hatari (x64) v2.5.0 (5.8 Mo)

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