Nouvelle version de cet excellent émulateur MSX avec pas mal de nouveautés :

– Added Korean language
– Added DirectX support for joystick/joypad
– Updated Joystick configuration dialog (Properties/Controls)
– Added Gamma/Brightness/Contrast/Saturation controls
– Added slider for adaptable scanlines on each monitor emulation type
– Added new screenshots modes : Filtered screenshot (the original) , large unfiltered screenshot (544×240 pixels) , small unfiltered screenshot (272×240 pixels)
– More uptodate MSX-AUDIO engine
– New keyclick emulation
– Renewed and extensive rom database (now fully external to the emulator)
– Added support for future cas and dsk databases
– Added support for selecting rom type for zipped rom files
– Added toggle Show/hide sprites
– Added choice of the default slot or drive for the drag and drop of files
– Added choice of the default mapper type for the roms not found in the rom database
– Fixed Bunsetsu Mapper to work with FS-4500 & FS-4700
– Fixed bug when ejecting an ASCII8 rom while emulation is running
– Fixed audio bugs : PSG samples now works again, Panasonic MSX-AUDIO is well detected without special poke and you can play Disk Station dismagazines or games like Labyrinth or Xevious with MSX-AUDIO
– Fixed a bug in the creation of all needed directories at startup
– Disabled the video rendering when minimising the emulator window without stopping the emulator.

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