Voila quelques news du côté de chez Guru :

No, I’m not dead, I’m just hibernating over the Winter 😉
If you’ve been paying attention to recent emulation news, you would have noticed I’ve been busy (and still am busy) with some trojans for RB and Haze as well as updating a few sections of this site with some very subtle changes. I’ve also been very busy with some other top secret dumping stuff that I can’t mention yet 😉
As well as dumping several PCBs that were on my To-Do list, I also hooked-up and got running the Virtua Racing PCB’s sent to me a few months back (see news 27th April 2004). While documenting these PCB’s I realised there were 4 missing ROMs in the current dump, which I’ve now dumped. So hopefully that will solve the problems relating to the incomplete emulation of the road.

As usual another long-awaited package arrived too containing…
Master Boy (Gaelco)
Jumping Pop (ESD, 2001)
and a strange epoxy-encased cart called Final Match Tennis
Thanks to ClawGrip

Unfortunately, this US$250 adapter needed for the final attempt at dumping the HD647180 MCU’s on Toaplan PCBs seems to have been lost in the mail, which saddens me greatly 🙁
Let’s all pray with 1 minute silence for the poor adapter.

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