Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Apple II dont voici les changements :

– Switched to MAME’s AY8910 emulation
– Added support for SSI263 speech chip on Mockingboard (tested with SMS s/w & Rescue Raiders)
– Ctrl+Reset now resets MB
– Key presses: 2 buffers. Fixes problem where key presses are missed on faster PCs.
– Added FLASH support
– Switched Speaker to use DirectX
– Rebuilt using DirectX 9.0b library
– Removed AppleWin calibration when starting a new version
– Fixed 6502 emulation cycle-count inaccuracies, resulting in:
– Precise analogue joystick support (Rescue Raiders’ joystick support now works)
– Precise Apple speaker
– Emulation speed control now works when using Mockingboard
– Full speed (Scroll-lock) mutes all sound (Speaker,Mockingboard)
– Reset now switches Alternate char set off
– PC’s delete key maps to Apple’s DEL key
– Fixed characters: ‘6’, ‘|’, ‘_’
– Added wishlist to this page

– Joystick emulation doesn’t work properly in some games (Championship Lode Runner, Boulderdash + others)
– SSI263 emulation is very basic: there is no attempt to emulate rate, inflection or filters.

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