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Driver Improvements:

– Fixed sprite vs. tilemap priority and sprite vs. tilemap
positioning for the FL games. [R. Belmont]
– Fixed Williams coin inputs. [Arthur Peale]
– Fixed Colony 7 DIP switches. [Aaron Giles]
– Hooked up 49-way joysticks in Arch Rivals and Pigskin 621AD.
[Aaron Giles]
– Removed hacky cheat controls from Defender/Stargate. [Aaron Giles]
– Removed existing speedup cheat hack from Pacman/Ms Pac Man as
the way it was implemented in MAME is NOT how it was implemented
in the arcades. I have added the hacked software ROMs as three
separate sets for Puck Man, Pac Man, and Ms. Pac Man. These hacked
ROMs do not let you control the speed of the game with a button;
the game is always fast, and Pac Man is faster than the ghosts.
Also added a fake DIP switch to control the equivalent of the
hardware version of the speedup hack. It can be set to « Disabled »,
« Enabled Always », or « Enabled with Button ». Note that this hack
speeds up everyone, including the ghosts, as the original hack
did. [Aaron Giles]

Changes to the main program:

– Fixed several makefile errors in the last version. [Aaron Giles]
– Fixed enumeration of lightgun and joysticks in the Windows build.
Joysticks now no longer show up unless you specify -joystick. And
lightguns should work properly as absolute devices. [Aaron Giles]
– Added groupings to the master controls list so that the list size
is not so unwieldy. [Aaron Giles]
– Disabled input to the game while the user interface is in active
use (prevents keypresses from affecting the underlying game).
[Aaron Giles]
– Added core-level support for the previously only Windows-supported
controller files. These files now have the extension .cfg instead
of .ini and are in the same format as the new XML-based .cfg files.
See the ctrlr directory for some examples. [Aaron Giles]
– Made it possible to assign game-specific inputs to « None »,
effectively disabling them. To do this, select the input and hit
enter, then cancel by hitting escape. Previously, cancelling
would always reset you to the default key sequence for that input.
Now, MAME alternates between the default key sequence and « None ».
[Aaron Giles]
– Added support for conditional dipswitch settings. This allows
for multiple equivalent entries but with different text depending
on the state of another dipswitch. See mappy.c for an example of
how this works to handle the changing bonuses based on the number
of lives. [Aaron Giles]
– Improved handling of interpolation for analog ports so that they
don’t wrap around and cause artifacts. [Aaron Giles]
– Added several new command line options to assist in the automatic
enabling of analog controls:
* -paddle (keyboard|mouse|joystick|lightgun)
* -adstick (keyboard|mouse|joystick|lightgun)
* -lightgun (keyboard|mouse|joystick|lightgun)
* -pedal (keyboard|mouse|joystick|lightgun)
* -dial (keyboard|mouse|joystick|lightgun)
* -trackball (keyboard|mouse|joystick|lightgun)
For example -dial mouse will automatically enable mouse controls
(just like -mouse) if a dial control is present for the selected
game. [Aaron Giles]
– Improved -verbose output display to enumerate all joysticks and
joystick axes that have been detected. Useful for the new
-digital command line parameter below. [Aaron Giles]
– Added a command line parameter to control which joystick axes are
considered digital. If you are using a digital gamepad with MAME,
you will want to use this option. There are a number of ways to
do this:
* -digital all means that all axes of all connected joysticks
will be treated as digital.
* -digital none means that all axes of all connected joysticks
will be treated as analog (this is the previous behavior).
* -digital j2 will treat all axes of joystick #2 as digital;
axes on all other joysticks will be treated as analog.
* -digital j1a0a1 will treat axis 0 and 1 on joystick #1 as
digital; all other axes will be treated as analog.
* -digital j1a0a1,j2a5 will treat axis 0 and 1 on joystick #1
as digital, as well as axis 5 on joystick #2; all other axes
will be treated as analog.
Make use of the new -verbose information to determine which
joysticks and axes you should be configuring this way.
– Removed PORT_CHEAT from a number of drivers and documented the
cheats in the port names. [El Condor]
– Added several more default strings and some MESS-specific fixes.
[Nathan Woods]

New Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Le Bagnard (set 2) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Fax (alt. questions) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Capcom Bowling (set 4) [Aaron Giles]
Columns II: The Voyage Through Time [Brian Troha]
PuckMan (Japan set 1 with speedup hack) [Aaron Giles]
Pac-Man (Midway, with speedup hack) [Aaron Giles]
Ms. Pac-Man (with speedup hack) [Aaron Giles]

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