Il s’agit du meilleur émulateur de PlayStation One, devant ePSXe et pSX.

– CPU Recompiler/JIT (x86-64, armv7/AArch32, AArch64, RISC-V/RV64).
– Hardware (D3D11, D3D12, OpenGL, Vulkan, Metal) and software rendering.
– Upscaling, texture filtering, and true colour (24-bit) in hardware renderers.
– PGXP for geometry precision, texture correction, and depth buffer emulation.
– Adaptive downsampling filter.
– Post processing shader chains (GLSL and experimental Reshade FX).
– « Fast boot » for skipping BIOS splash/intro.
– Save state support.
– Windows, Linux, macOS support.
– Supports bin/cue images, raw bin/img files, MAME CHD, single-track ECM, MDS/MDF, and unencrypted PBP formats.
– Direct booting of homebrew executables.
– Direct loading of Portable Sound Format (psf) files.
– Digital and analog controllers for input (rumble is forwarded to host).
– Namco GunCon lightgun support (simulated with mouse).
– NeGcon support.
– Qt and « Big Picture » UI.
– Automatic updates with preview and latest channels.
– Automatic content scanning – game titles/hashes are provided by
– Optional automatic switching of memory cards for each game.
– Supports loading cheats from existing lists.
– Memory card editor and save importer.
– Emulated CPU overclocking.
– Integrated and remote debugging.
– Multitap controllers (up to 8 devices).
– RetroAchievements.
– Automatic loading/applying of PPF patches.

Configuration requise:
– Windows 10/11 (7/8/8.1 here), Linux (AppImage/Flatpak), macOS.
– A CPU faster than a potato. But it needs to be x86_64, AArch32/armv7, AArch64/ARMv8, or RISC-V/RV64.
– For the hardware renderers, a GPU capable of OpenGL 3.1/OpenGL ES 3.1/Direct3D 11 Feature Level 10.0 (or Vulkan 1.0) and above. So, basically anything made in the last 10 years or so.
– SDL, XInput or DInput compatible game controller (e.g. XB360/XBOne/XBSeries). DualShock 3 users on Windows will need to install the official DualShock 3 drivers included as part of PlayStation Now.



Les améliorations sont:
Preview Build:
– bc67994: Bump GitHub Actions and Ubuntu (#3208) (Juan Pablo Romero Mendoza) #3208
– 515e44f: Data: Update SDL Game Controller DB (#3209) (GreyXor) #3209
– Reduce logging verbosity (Stenzek)
– Update string list (Stenzek)
– bd0cf65: Revert « CI/AppImage: Don’t bundle libssl/libcrypto » (Stenzek)
– Disc set corrections (Stenzek)
– Various fixes (#3207) #3207 (PowerDuckSamurai)
– Use string_view for GetEntryForPath() (Stenzek)
– Load game settings from first disc of multi-disc games (Stenzek)
– Merge multi-disc games (Stenzek)


Stable Build (or rolling release):
– 2fc9a6d: CPU/NewRec: Work around clang inferior at 16 structured binding capture bug (Stenzek)
– Add gstreamer fallback to PlaySoundAsync() (Stenzek)
– Fix superior at 1 controller display (Stenzek)
– Fix input profile ctype change not saving (Stenzek)
– Fix swap() not swapping size (Stenzek)
– Fix double source of truth for controller names (Stenzek)
– Fix empty box on no-controller type (Stenzek)
– 5c48218: Italian translation – Small consistency fixes (#3191) (Valtekken) #3191
– Various fixes (#3192) #3192 (PowerDuckSamurai)
– Fix build again (Stenzek)
– Fix GPU usage without vsync (Stenzek)
– Replace offsetof with constexpr-friendly OFFSETOF (Stenzek)
– Use ShaderGen GLSL version string (Stenzek)
– Improve CRTC hblank accuracy (Stenzek)
– Add controller implementation (Stenzek)
– Fix mask for drawing area coordinates (Stenzek)
– Backport buggy NVIDIA driver workarounds from PCSX2 (Stenzek)
– Fix possible null descriptor set with feedback loop (Stenzek)
– Add Classic Windows as theme option (Stenzek)
– 325cf57: Atualização Português do Brasil (#3194) (Anderson Cardoso) #3194
– Ensure coordinates are masked/clamped (Stenzek)
– Add #define’able PSX GPU stats (Stenzek)
– Rework pre-draw clipping (Stenzek)
– Implement CLUT cache (SW renderer only) (Stenzek)
– e3b0050: GPU/HW: Fix shader sampling with MSAA on (Stenzek)
– Mark %d ms for translation (#3196) #3196 (xujibbs)
– Add default option for cubeb driver (Stenzek)
– Compute Hashes -> Verify (Stenzek)
– Update SDL2 to 2.30.3 (Stenzek)
– Pass string_view by value (Stenzek)
– Purge unused code and report startup error to host (Stenzek)
– Use SetUnhandledExceptionFilter() and terminate on crash (Stenzek)
– Add game list excluded folders as well as files (Stenzek)
– Simplify game directory list (Stenzek)
– Add compatibility report in game summary (Stenzek)
– Add notes about Shadow Master/Castrol Honda Superbike Racing (Stenzek)
– Add label next to audio buffer size (Stenzek)
– Fix compile error with Metal+Barriers (Stenzek)
– c015039: Atualização Português do Brasil (#3198) (Anderson Cardoso) #3198


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