Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Snes dont voici les améliorations:

Sound: Fixed a bug in envelope height reading of channels that weren’t playing; value to be read wasn’t being updated, fixes Secret of Evermore
Sound: Improved envelope timing when envelope settings changed for playing voices
Sound: Altered audio code to base timing on samples instead of cycles
Sound: Added countdown register emulation to envelope and noise timing
5A22: Corrected emulation-mode interrupts to zero data bank register
Documentation: Corrected Win32 port compilation requirements, other minor improvements
5A22: Corrected emulation-mode behavior of many opcodes
5A22: Added variable bus speed emulation, and improved overall timing
5A22: Fixed some bugs in DMA
5A22: Changed DMA to no longer be able to access internal CPU registers
5A22: Added open bus emulation to A-bus
Render: Fixed a serious bug which could have some pointers used by offset-change rendering not be initialized
PPU: Corrected a behavior of the H/V latches; reading register $2137 (SLHV) does NOT reset which bits will be read next
Timing: Changed scanline length back to 341 dots after research on the hardware gave this number; still stumped about SGB and Shin Megami Tensei
Timing: Improved NMI emulation; now supports delayed NMI, as well as re-acknowledgement of NMI
Timing: Added consumption of clock cycles by general DMA
Timing: Changed default SPC700 CPU clock to 1.024MHz
Sound: Changed APU code to build with update-on-RAM-change by default
ROM loader: Added support for loading ROMs up to 64Mbit (autodetection still needs work)

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