Il s’agit d’un émulateur Multi-systèmes émulant en vrac:
– Amstrad CPC (464 Plus/6128 Plus/GX-4000)
– ZX Spectrum (48k NTSC/Pentagon/TK-90X/TK-95
– MSX-1 (HX-10P/HX-10S/HX-10D)
– Colecovision (PAL/NTSC)
– Sega SG-1000
– Sega Master System (1 + FM Japanesse/1 NTSC/1 PAL/2 NTSC/2 PAL)
– Chips (Texas Instruments TMS9918/Sega Master System VDP/Texas Instruments SN76489 (PSG)/Yamaha YM2413/Western Digital FD1793/Amstrad ASIC)


Les changements:
RetroVM v2.1.13 (25/05/2024)
– Fixed an issue where the Amstrad CPC tape motor would not start in warp mode.
– Added a pause at the start of TZX/CDT files to improve compatibility with the Amstrad CPC.
RetroVM v2.1.12 (23/05/2024)
– NEW EXPERIMENTAL VERSION FOR RASPBERRY PI 5/4 (see the blog for more information)
– Fixed a bug that caused the emulation to freeze on Linux.
– Re-enabled Pulse Audio on Linux.
– Compiled Linux Version against Ubuntu 18.04 to improve compatibility with some distros.
– Re-implemented the Snow Bug in the ZX Spectrum (Thanks to Victor Iborra for the help). It should be pixel-perfect now.
– Fixed a bug in the TZX decoder (Exploding Fist+) (Thanks to Victor Iborra for the help).
– Fixed the GDB 0x19 block in the TZX decoder (Thanks to Victor Iborra for the help).
– Fixed the palette reset issue in the CPC-Plus ASIC.
– Fixed the initial memory bank reset issue in the CPC-Plus ASIC.
– Fixed a bug in the Pentagon memory mapper.
– Fixed the tape motor delay in the Amstrad CPC. All Opera Soft games should work now.
– Fixed window size issues in low resolutions.
– Fixed a bug in the PZX decoder.
RetroVM v2.1.11 (13/11/2023)
– Fixed the bug that caused the window not to close in full screen on Windows.
– Fixed the issue causing some dialog boxes to appear behind the window.
– Hide the annoying debug window again.
RetroVM v2.1.10 (05/11/2023)
– Corrected an issue where the disk drive would malfunction in the Plus 3 when the system was operational for over an hour.
– Resolved the problem with snapshot loading on the ZX Spectrum 48k Issue 2.
– Improved the step-in and step-out functionality of the WD1793; the Insult demo now functions – correctly on the Pentagon model.
– Properly reset the cartridge mappers for the MSX system.


Télécharger Retro Virtual Machine (x86) v2.0 beta 1 r7 (62.0 Mo)

Télécharger Retro Virtual Machine (x64) v2.1.13 fix 1 (88.2 Mo)

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