Sudachi est un émulateur Nintendo Switch pour Android, Linux, macOS et Windows écrit en C++ et basé sur Yuzu.


Les changement depuis la précédentes version sont les suivants:

– LastPlayTime Stubs:
All stubs are currently hard-coded, these will be worked on more for Manage Software support

– Total Times Played:
Added support for the total times a game has been played, this will also be used for the above Manage Software support

– Animal Well
Incremented the AudioCore’s current revision from 11 to 12 fixing the almost instant crash with Animal Well

– Android Compilation:
Fixed errors when compiling on Android by wrapping parameters for RebootlessSystemUpdateVersion in curly braces (why…)
– SSL Stubs:
Added GetNextAlpnProto and SetNextAlpnProto stubs to fix some issues with games that try to communicate with servers
– System Settings:
Fixes crashing when entering the Support/Health & Safety page in System Settings
– Working:
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


Télécharger Sudachi v1.0.2 (87.2 Mo)

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