Il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Amstrad CPC multi plateforme.


Les changements sont:
– new easter eggs
– enable/disable breakpoints in trace in the left side only
– PlayCity default initialisation for YM frequencies
– Reset reinitialise all audio expansions
– ludicrous graphics optimisations
– tape player prototype (wav only, not accurate)
– new option to emulate contention on databus (affect PAL)
– dynamic CRTC change on the fly (beware of side effects)
– added FR (Apple layout) keyboard mapping
– added UK (Apple layout) keyboard mapping
– bugfix execution breakpoint toggle
– bugfix extended key on GUI mapping
– bugfix regression with mouse wheel on debug


Télécharger ACE-DL (2024/06/06) (6.0 Mo)

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