Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de GameBoy N&B/Color dont voici les améliorations:

– New Features:
* Supported 12 pre-defined palettes for GB mono games running in GBC mode
as in a real GBC. The following games were supported with their own
~ Alleyway
~ Mario & Yoshi
~ Super Mario Land
~ Tennis
~ Tetris
To change the palettes, press Shift and one of the keys in the numeric
row on the keyboard. For example, Shift+2 will set color to red. Press
Shift+` to reset to the default palette.
* Supported motion sensor – MBC 7. Supported Kirby’s Tilt ‘N’ Tumble and
Command Master. Default keys:
Up – Keypad 8 (Joypad button 5)
Down – Keypad 2 (Joypad button 6)
Left – Keypad 4 (Joypad button 7)
Right – Keypad 6 (Joypad button 8)
To change them, go to the menu File->Key Mapping->Keyboard->
Motion Sensor… or File->Key Mapping->Joypad->Motion Sensor…
* Real time clock data is now adjustable. To change it, go to the menu
Option->Set Clock….
* [Windows port only]Allowed the use of the native Windows file selection
dialog box in windowed mode. This feature seems to be buggy in Win9x/Me.
Default is off. To turn it on, go to the menu Option->Win32 Open File.
– Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed a crash bug in Battle Unit Zeoth (U and J) before starting stage 1.
* Fixed a crash bug in Windows 2000/XP (and Linux?) when changing palettes
with no ROMs loaded.
* Fixed a bug of the assembly core of an opcode in the CPU emualtion.
The problem in starting the game in Bear in the Big House was fixed.
* Updated the licensee codes (Thanks Scott Nash).

Télécharger KiGB (Dos) 2.03 (426,3 Ko)

Télécharger KiGB (Win) 2.05 (440,2 Ko)

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