Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur PowerPC pour Windows.

– clean up everything on exit
– (experimental) idle sleep for the JITC CPU
– asynchronous keyboard and mouse events
– implemented IDE Flush
– Win32: implemented fullscreen mode proposed by Matt Jobson
– short cut keys are configurable
– correct clock/timing (Win32 + Posix) by Keith Rothman, Kimball Thurston and Stefan Weyergraf
– SDL support
– SDL: implemented fullscreen mode
– source tree reorganisation
– display functions moved to src/system/ui directory
– src/system/arch created
– system/posix,win32 and beos moved to system/osapi/
– host keyboard support separated from SystemDisplay
– host mouse support separated from SystemDisplay
– architecture-specific video acceleration functions (x86)
– configure-system: choose « jitc_x86 » on x86s when no –enable-cpu given
– JITC: srawix, subfcx, divwx, divuwx,
mulhwx, mulwx, subfex, extshx implemented
– JITC: align entrypoints

Télécharger ETAJV Nintendo DS v6.32 (3,9 Mo)

Télécharger ETAJV Nintendo GBA v5.20 (2,0 Mo)

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