VV est un émulateur d’ordinateur russe sorti en 1987 : le Vector-06c.

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Quoi de neuf depuis la dernière version:
v7.14 – Extended overclocking range of emulated CPU up to 200MHz (earlier it was 100MHz), fixed timings of Z80 commands – INC(HL), DEC(HL) (it was 16, became 12).
v7.13 – Fixed PC-6128C memory manager.
v7.12 – Fixed ‘Latch’ mode bug of timer BI53.
v7.11 – Changed the logic of timer VI53 in modes 1 and 5, now they do not change the state of outputs because the signal GATE always =1.
v7.10 – Fixed a bug with the formation of the output signal of the timer ВИ53 (fell to zero at the time of stopping the count in modes 1…4 when writing to the RUS of the mode of operation).
v7.09 – Fixed RST command rasterisation for Z80 (12 cycles was 12, became 16).
v7.08 – Fixed CALL (conditional too) for Z80 (was 24 cycles, became 20).
v7.07 – Improved kerb emulation (stripe mode in 512×256 mode is supported), Redesigned screen renderer (antialiasing on kerb appeared, halo between kerb and workspace when antialiasing is enabled), added menu item Screen->Dysplay Size->Set Quad Size.
v7.06 – Fixed bug with jamming of external AY emulator on AVR when closing the application.
v7.05 – Fixed timings of some Z80 commands with prefix.
v7.04 – Fixed bug in work with CD in stack mode at zero address. Renamed menu item in Sound->Filters to a more understandable one.
v7.03 – Corrects rastactivation in DJNZ command (Z80) and in debugger (if Z80 was selected, PC register value could not be changed).
v7.02 – Improvements and bug fixes in LF Filter.
v7.01 – Some more improvements in LF Filter.
v7.00 – Fixes in VI53 timer emulation (Sometimes there was no sound in PWM mode), Revamped LF Filter algorithm.
v6.99 – Corrections in emulation of extended quasidisk modes (see Radio Amateur 11/1995, p.4).
v6.98 – Fixed bug when creating screenshot, which caused emulator to crash in error.
v6.97 – Fixed the moment of switching video mode 256/512 based on the measurement from the real.
v6.96 – Improved sound muting when opening CAS file dialogue.
v6.95 – CAS handler fixes/improvements.
v6.94 – Fixed bug with AY/YM reading (this bug appeared in version 6.92).


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