Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Altair/Imsai 8080 encore en développement.
Voici le paquet de news:

* Significant changes to the timeslizer to reduce host system load and resource
usage. A common BASIC benchmarking program from Creative Computing loaded on a real
Altair runs in 1:51. This same timing was achieved with the emulator running on
a 550MHz Pentium III host machine (the slowest machine available for testing).
* New 88-ACR interface added to ports 6Q/7Q for use with Cassette and Tape BASICs.
Paper tapes and cassettes both used the MITS Absolute Tape Format, so you can load
either one in the cassette drive and using the correct loader, load the tape.
* The CP/M PUN/RDR devices now point to SIO2 port 2 which interfaces to routines in
taperdr.c. In general this can be used as another way to get files into and out of
the CP/M environment. CP/M did not support audio cassette devices.
* New CP/M « utilities » include revised file exchange tools that use the emt_traps
method of accessing files on the emulator host system.
* Revised line printer support. Implemented 88-LPC/88-LPR interface on ports 2Q/3Q.
CP/M disk images were revised to add support for LPC device. There really was no
native printer support within CP/M unless the CBIOS was modified and a separate
printer driver was written (printer command set standards had not yet developed at
the time although people seemed to rally around Centronics or Diablo printers).
* Revised tape loader programs and modified BASIC paper tapes (corrections to length of
* Changes throughout codebase to enhance compatibility with non-Microsoft compilers such
as LCC-Win32 (courtesy of Fred Scipione).
* Minor changes to compile under Visual Studio .NET2003.
* Minor bug fixes.

* Minor changes/corrections for use with new CP/M file exchange utilities.

* Changed opcode mapping for 0x10 to « nop » from « nul » as 4kBASIC seems to
call this undocumented (« Intel Reserved ») opcode (either accidently
or for an unknown reason) and we want to avoid trapping the debugger.
May also need to change 08, 18, 20, 28, 30 and 38 to « nop » from « nul »,
cb to c3 (jmp), d9 to c9 (return) and dd and fd to cd (call). Cannot change
ed to cd (call) as that’s the trap for file import/export operations
(Tim Mann).
* Proposed changes to LDAX/STAX as workaround for « Kill the Bit » game which relies
on a live address « on the bus ». PC is really an address bus buffer, so for
this game to work, PC has to reflect any address, not just the emulated
program counter. This issue also effects 28 other CPU instuctions.
Implementing the changes to all of the effected instructions would likely
slow the emulation execution greatly. Probably will only make changes
« as needed » to support FP programs as reported.
* Added i8080 « internal temporary » register WZ to the CPU struct.
* Fred Scipione::Changes to several routines to streamline execution and eliminate
unneeded calculations when evaluating conditionals.

* Rodger Smedley::added code in scheduler loop to poll the TCP connection
during the current timeslice and stuff a buffer. Polling effectively
occurs 100 times per second. Under previous structure, polling was
occurring 83333 times per second (at an emulated 2MHz).
* Scott LaBombard::reworked SYS_DoTimeslicing to drastically reduce host loading.

* Rodger Smedley::changes to several routines to support timesliced polling.

* Changed default CPU speed to 2.04MHz, only slightly faster than the prototypical 2.00MHz.
* Minor fixes to eliminate compiler warnings in MSVC7.

* Fred Scipione::added color changes for the VT100 Dim and Underlined attributes.

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