Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Amiga dont voici les nouveautés:

Bugs in 0.9.90 fixed:

– Multiple directory filesystem emulation bugs (files getting truncated
to zero if opened in rw-mode, read-only files failing to open and some
operations returning incorrect AmigaDOS error codes)
– AGA horizontal scrolling bug in some games.
– Stereo separation setting was not always set properly.
– Another task-switching Direct3D/OpenGL-mode problem.

Other fixes and updates:

– Picasso96 black screen after CTRL-ALT-DEL.
– bsdsocket update, fixes ~2 second pause on some systems and
added internet connection off-line check (Stephen Riedelbeck)
– CPU idle calculation update. CPU Idle-setting may need re-adjusting.
– PP Hammer and Spindizzy Worlds graphics flicker fixed in non-cycle
exact mode (again..)

New features:

– « uae-configuration » Amiga side program that can list current configuration,
change all configuration parameters and send any inputevent on the fly.
– Both right alt and ctrl are mapped to firebutton in keyboard layout B
(some laptops don’t have right ctrl key).
– disable quickstart-mode if using -f or -config= -command
line parameters

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