Une nouvelle version de NeoPop vient de sortir. Voici les nouveautées de cet émulateur Neo Pocket :

– Made some improvements to the timer emulation, supporting all of
the timers now in a limited capacity.
– Emulated CPU flags for a large number of instructions. This has
been the primary reason for any jumps in compatibility.
– Added several new instructions and fixed some more. Also raising
compatibility a bit.
– Fixed the EXTS instruction which was clearing the remaining
data instead of preserving it after extension.
– Fixed the interuppt level register again, I hope for good now.
– Improvised a sprite priority hack to make « Fatal Fury » display the players, but I’m not sure this is correct – it shouldn’t affect other games, so i’ll leave it in for now.
– Improved games : Dive Alert (starts to play intro), Bikkuriman 2000 (runs intro and almost starts!), KOF-R2 (shows the intro but isn’t playable, title screen doesn’t work). Neo Baccarat, Neo Twenty One (will start now) Pac-Man (black title screen – but game starts if you press a button)Sonic (Shows title screen, unplayable though)

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