Une nouvelle version de NeoPop vient de sortir. Voici les nouveautées de cet émulateur Neo Geo Pocket :

– Finally added the ‘apply’ button to the debugger register viewer so values can be changed. Also added a ‘restore’ button to restore any changes back to the current value of the register / $PC.
– Rewritten the add and subtract functions, making them generic and made the compare, and NEG instructions use (abuse?) these as well – probably how the real CPU works, who cares? The ADD and SUB functions now have correct flag emulation, verified using Judge_’s CPU tester – thanks!
– Also fixed parity flag for AND,OR and XOR, and fixed MULS also using the CPU tester.
– Removed the sprite hack because it was causing problems with Cotton and probably other games. Need to try a new approach to fix « Fatal Fury »
– Improved games : Metal Slug (Starts, but freezes on gameplay screen), Metal Slug 2 (Intro works, but gameplay is unstable), Biomotor Unitron (Fixed missing intro graphics), Cotton (Sprites work again, collision detection fixed), Fatal Fury (Square wipes are centered properly), KOF R-2 (Sprites don’t show, some flickering) Gals Fighters (Shows title screen, unstable) probably more…

NeoPop est un des rares émulateurs Neo Geo Pocket encore en développement

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