Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Sinclair Zx Spectrum dont voici les améliorations:

• General:
+ NEW: Graphic engine. Now I can move any graphic and put it where I want… And I get about 60-70 fps more in my computer…
+ NEW: better IRQ’s and NMI’s system in both processors (NES drivers need this), I think is more accurate now (and I get some more speed).
+ CHANGE: Action key in Spectrum (Kempston joystick) and arcade machines is changed from RIGHT ALT to LEFT ALT. There are some troubles with RIGHT ALT.
• Spectrum:
+ CHANGE: I rewrote tape routines, tape loading and tape visualization. Tested, and now (I think) works 100%.
+ BUG: Spectrum +3 do not hangs…but disk unit do not works (WIP).
+ BUG: DSP do not hangs if you close a tape while loading.
• Phoenix:
+ BUG: Fixed screen size.
• Pacman:
+ BUG: now sound works with any sound quality.
• BombJack:
+ BUG: do not exit emulator if there is no sound.
+ BUG: Now Y axis inverts correctly.
• Frogger:
+ NEW: Whith new new IRQ’s system now this driver works.
+ Driver palette is hand made, I do not understand eprom conversion.
+ There are some sound problems now…
• Mysteriuos Stones:
+ BUG: With the new graphic engine the planes show OK now.

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