Applewin est un émulateur Apple IIe pour Windows développé par Oliver Schmidt. Depuis que ses sources ont été releasé, de nouveaux build non officiel sont sorti. Celui ci est l’oeuvre de Tom Charlesworth.

– Disk][ speed can be slow even in enhanced mode.
– Turning off MB support turns Apple speaker off as well.
– Joystick emulation doesn’t work properly in some games (Championship Lode Runner, Boulderdash + others)
– SSI263 emulation is very basic: there is no attempt to emulate rate, inflection or filters.
– RAM bank switching isn’t working correctly on Apple][ mode, so when the IRQ
occurs, the code crashes out to the monitor (‘*’ prompt) for certain games.

– TV emulation mode by Thomas Stahl.
– SSI263 phoneme samples from Chris Foxwell (still missing phoneme #0!)

Télécharger Msvcr71.dll (179,7 Ko)

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