Nouvelle version de cet émulateur MSX dont voici les nouveautés:

– Added Dir as Dsk feature
– Added remembering of the position of the main dialogs on the screen
– Added tools to create new themes for the emulator layout with customisable skins
– Added real interlace mode (to complement the de-interlaced mode)
– Improved automatic detection of rom mapper type for roms of 8Kb size
– Improved colors for screen 8 and for MSX2+ screens
– Improved dropdown menu for selecting the rom mapper type
– Improved Moonsound support – thanks to Wouter Vermaelen and the openMSX dev team (these fixes will also be available in the next openMSX release)
– Simplified menu for SCC/SCC+ (only 2 options in place of 5)
– Fixed bugs in MSX-AUDIO and Moonsound emulation
– Fixed bugs in the MSX2+ horizontal scroll support
– Fixed different bugs in the VDP emulation
– Fixed bug in the Super Pierrot mapper (ascii16nf)
– Fixed bugs in the refreshing of menus
– Fixed bug when creating blank dsk/cas image via file name requester
– Fixed bug in the cassette position dialog (files weren’t showed properly when custom files checkbox was deselected)
– Fixed bug in the open file dialog (confusion between slot 1 and slot 2)
– Fixed bug in the screen capture feature when using zip file with folder structure

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